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Exactly What You Should Be Doing

Humans do a lot of stupid things that don’t really matter.  Stuff like this:

Well, your wasting your time.  These are activities of the unremarkables.

Who cares what people think, get a life, torch your car, read a book, unsubscribe, and quit your job.


You are creative as hell.  Your brain is extremely powerful.

Inventors Who Want To Do Business - Stop Doing "Build First" Because It Doesn't Work


Was having a discussion with an inventor. He's the archetypical "loves to build" inventor that sees business a fun lab/shop to invent and build in.

However, he's been toiling away on his newest invention for quite a while, and isn't sure about if there's light at the end of the tunnel, or what to even do next. Here's what I wrote him -

Ikigai - thank you. I really appreciate it. [he bought a copy of Ikigai; you should too]

Re: business... here, let me blunt here, for your own good.

Stop this "build first then sell" if you want to do business.

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