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Exactly What You Should Be Doing

Humans do a lot of stupid things that don’t really matter.  Stuff like this:

Well, your wasting your time.  These are activities of the unremarkables.

Who cares what people think, get a life, torch your car, read a book, unsubscribe, and quit your job.


You are creative as hell.  Your brain is extremely powerful.

Ways to Make Money Fast

On The Pretty Chicken

Are you looking for a way to make money fast? Do you have any money to get a business started? Most people are going to say that they do not have the money to start up a business. However, there are still others that are trying to find a way to make money quickly. If you fall into that category then you will want to keep some of the following ideas in mind. First off, you will see that you can always consider selling items around your home that you are not planning on using. This can be a wonderful way to make some money fast. You will also see that another option would be to write online articles that will promote different products. If you have these posted in the right locations you can see that you may be able to make a great deal of money with the articles that you putting online. Anyone that likes to take pictures will see that there are a lot of websites out there that will allow you upload your photos for free and try to sell them to different companies. If your picture can be used or the company likes it then you could end up making a lot of cash from it.

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