Financial Independance Through Real Estate (my strategy)

I’ve ramped up my investments in real estate this year and want to share with you what I think is a winning strategy that anyone can use to reach full financial independence (early retirement) within 15 years without saving more than twice your yearly spending (and without actually spending anything in the end)

The Equation

BRRRR investing in houses with ARVs of 2x your annual spending + 15 year mortgages + living off REFIs = financial independence

Result of applying this formula

  • in the end you will have spent NOTHING
  • you will own 8 homes
  • the strategy will take 8 years or less to implement
  • after 15 years, you can retire forever
  • the rental maintenance will be hands-off (if you want)
  • your income will be completely tax free
  • your guaranteed tax free income will rise with the cost of living

    Lets dive a little deeper into each of these parts:

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